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Ethiopia Shutaye Anaerobic

Notes ripe red fruit | milk choc | fresh strawberries
Region/s Gedeb, Gedeo, Yigacheffe
Altitude 2090masl
Varietal Heirloom Varietals
Process Anaerobic Natural

In Yirgacheffe, a dedicated husband and wife team runs the exceptional single farm Shutaye Mamo Shalo, a skilled female farmer and producer, is ultimately the mastermind behind this exquisite coffee. Located in the picturesque Gedeb Woreda of the Gideo Zone, the farm employs an anaerobic yeast fermentation to enhance the coffees flavours. Only the finest cherries are handpicked from the 5-hectare farm and undergo meticulous floating to eliminate imperfections. 
The cherries are then transferred to a fermentation tank with the yeast strain "Saccharomyces cerevisiae" creating an enchanted anaerobic environment where CO2 interacts in the process harmoniously. After 9 days of fermentation, the cherries are carefully dried on raised beds for 25days, ensuring the perfect moisture content. The result is a cup of coffee that embodies passion, precision and uncompromising quality. With notes of red fruit and strawberries its almost like drinking a strawberry milk bringing back memories of our childhood. 

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