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Colombia Pink Bourbon - Finca El Coral

Notes bergamot | lemon | concord grape
Region/s Paez, Cauca
Altitude 1750masl
Varietal Pink Bourbon
Process Washed

Finca El Coral is located on the top part of the central cordillera of Colombia in the department of Cauca and municipality of Paez. In this secluded place up in the mountains Bellanir Medina and his partner Drezner Sallazar have their farm spanning 30 hectares of which 2.5 are planted with coffee.
They started working with coffee in 2002 thanks to their families who were also coffee producers. Their parents taught them the craft of coffee farming and processing and they have continued to learn more about different varieties and processing methods. They have strived to improve their cup quality and have been able to get better prices for their coffee, as a result they have been able to improve their drying areas and purchase a solar powered plant to provide electricity for the farm. Being coffee producers fills them with joy and they are also able to provide jobs to the local community. Besides coffee they also have crops of corn, lulo and beans which help put food on the table preharvest.
These Pink Bourbon trees were first planted in 2021 and the results have been impressive with high cup quality and clarity. Ripe coffee cherries are picked, then pulped the next day and fermented for 36 hours in open air covered tiled tanks. The beans are washed and passed to the parabolic covered patios where they last from 8 to 15 days depending on the climate.

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